As the nature of the pandemic has it, and after eight months of trying to survive, it is finally time to throw in the towel. The unfortunate conduct of the authorities and New York’s mayor did not leave much to hang on to, and the positivity derived is that this happened by a fault not of our own.


We would like to take this note to thank our devoted employees, who are the backbone of this immense monster that’s called NYC. Throughout this entire crisis, they are and were left to their devices with no solutions. A big thank you to the cooks, the porters, the washers, the servers, the baristas, the bartenders and the managers. You make this industry what it is. You are New York City. New York City is you.


As for us the owners. We wanted to thank you for five beautiful years! We were so proud to serve New York’s community members, actors, executives, tourists, officials and many others. We are immigrants to NYC, we worked very hard and Rustic Table was our American dream come true. Thank you for letting us partake in this great community, which is most of all, the beating heart of the immense apple that’s New York City.


Hey, virus, this is not goodbye!

We will be back!